REPEATER STATUS : Fully operational DIGITAL TV Output

VK3RTV ATV Repeater Touch Tone Commands


* Clear command   Should precede every command.  eg.   * command  #
# Load command   Should follow every command.  eg.      * command  #
* 4 # Return to received video   Cancel other functions that are running and return to received video
* 0 1 # Colour Bar Times out after approx 10 min
* 0 2 # Colour Bar and Tone Burst Times out after approx 10 min
* 1 0 # Beacon Mode Several pages of text over colour bars
* 1 1 # Digital Signal Report

The Digital Receiver Signal Report brings up the relevant O.S.D. for Signal Strength and Quality. This feature will be installed shortly.

Digital signal strength received at VK3RTV
* 1 3 # Analogue Signal Report Analogue signal strength received at VK3RTV in 5 steps
* 2 0 # Local video repeater shack interior    Camera inside repeater building.
* 2 2 # Digital Receiver Exit    The Digital Receiver Exit Command is there in case the receiver does not respond correctly to the IR commands. Send as many ‘exits’ as is necessary to clear the OSD.


Tones must NOT be distorted and are sent on the audio subcarrier of the signal accessing the repeater. Most commands take approximately 5 seconds to load from the control computer.

The touch tones generate a corresponding binary code, TT01 = $01, TT02 = $02, TT0.TT3 = $03 etc etc. The micro reads the binary code whenever it gets TT#. TT* is really only required if you have incorrectly loaded a code. The decoder is reset after completion of the operation. The total control program for the repeater is written in 6800/68HC 11 assembler.