REPEATER STATUS : Fully operational DIGITAL TV Output

ATV Equipment & Software Sources

Equipment for receiving or transmitting ATV transmissions in and around Melbourne can come from all sorts of places. If you are not "the build it yourself type" then there is a lot of second hand stuff around you just have to find it. To really get the feel of your ATV station you can build your own equipment ( not as hard as it sounds ).

Equipment needed can include Camera's, Transmitters, Receivers, and Antenna's.

It can be near impossible to buy a new complete ATV system to plug in and use.


DVB-T (Set Top Boxes) Known to receive VK3RTV

Not all set top boxes will tune 446.500, and so far none will find / tune it automatically so you have to dive into the menus and do it manually. Below is a list of set top boxes that have been found to work and not work. If you have a set top box or digital TV that works and is not on the list let us know at vk3rtv@hotmail.com. No guarantees are made about the list as models change their specs, design, and firmware all the time.

Set top boxes that have been tried and found TO receive the VK3RTV digital signal are:

  1. Aiko STB225 (SD)
  2. Celestial DVB8800HD
  3. Compro Videomate PCI TV Tuner Card DVB-T300
  4. DGTEC DG-FV7200 (HD)
  5. Digicrystal STD 2500p
  6. Digital View (SD) JAYCAR Part no XC-4914
  7. DSE GH5912
  8. DVX55U Cheap PVR (Set Freq manually as a Channel No 446500 fairly deaf, - Eastern Suburbs only)
  9. Healing HHT893
  10. Healing HHT894
  11. Humax DV-1000T
  12. RCA TRC 501AU
  13. Sanyo TUHD1000 (HD) Manual tune only
  14. Strong SRT5006
  15. Strong SRT5023x
  16. Strong SRT5405E (HD)
  17. Strong SRT5435 (HD dual tuner with 500MB PVR)
  18. Teac HDR1600T
  19. Teac SDB451
  20. Tevion TV-800
  21. Tevion TV-1202
  22. Tevion TEV602 (SD)
  23. Twinhan DTV Alpha
  24. Yess DVBT288U USB (Unconfirmed but specs look OK)
  25. Wintal PVR-X10A
  26. Wintal STB-X5

Set top boxes that have been tried and found NOT to receive the VK3RTV digital signal are:

  1. DGTEC DG-HD0810
  2. DVX55U Cheap PVR (Set Freq manually as a Channel No 446500 fairly deaf, - Very close to repeater only)
  3. Olin HVBT2000, HVBT2000B, and HVBT2200B (Very very deaf on VK3RTV - not recommended)
  4. SKU HVBT 2000B (Same unit as above but different brand)

Equipment Sources Can Include

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Software Related To ATV



Loop Yagi LOOP YAGI design program. Old DOS based program but will run on Windows machines in a DOS window, approx 35K in size.
PC-ATV Shareware program to generate test cards on your PC. DTMF program included. You will need a video output socket on you PC to get video out.