REPEATER STATUS : Fully operational DIGITAL TV Output

Melbourne Amateur TV Group Fund Raising

For quite some time now the VK3RTV ATV repeater has been funded with lots of time, equipment, and money from the pockets of a small group of ATV operators and a small donation from the WIA repeater fund.

Peter Cossins VK3BFG is the custodian of the repeater and has been tireless in both time and dollars in his efforts to maintain VK3RTV.

After many years of effort by a small group of people to get VK3RTV to where it is today, funds are running low.

Help is needed !!!!

Donations of money and / or equipment are needed now. Refer further down page for list of required items.

Records are kept of where all funds / equipment are used.


For more information email : vk3rtv@hotmail.com

*** Where to send your donations ***

Peter Cossins

14 Coleman Rd

Wantirna South



Equipment / Parts Currently Required

Hello VK3RTV Users

I am gauging the response to building a new P.A. for the repeater that will be more linear and have a higher output making it easier for users to receive. To do this funds are required as detailed below.

There is a 70 cm amplifier kit ex US that uses dual FETS specifically designed for digital operations. The amplifier has a huge 25 dB of gain and is capable of powers in excess of 500 watts. (In fact there is a kilowatt version)

The amplifier runs on 50V and I am looking at running it at about 100 watts output. This would mean the elimination of the current PA which is a brick amplifier biased up towards Class A.

I have had donated a very large rack mounted heatsink which in itself would be very expensive if purchased.

I have found a switch mode power supply ex HK for about $150.00 and the complete kit for the amplifier landed here is $500.0 ( The FETS alone are $188.00)

The amplifier would be driven directly from the current German low level amplifier in the existing DVB-T exciter. (500 milliwatts in ---- 100 watts out.)

This would be a huge 10dB boost to the existing output power, with a potentially cleaner output signal using FETS specifically designed for DVB-T.

I am trying to find out if we can raise enough money by subscription / donation. Please do not send any money at this time, only respond indicating what you could offer. There is no pressure for you to respond at all if you do not wish.

Responses received will give me an idea if the project is viable. Responses can be emailed directly to Peter VK3BFG or to VK3RTV@hotmail.com and I will pass them on to Peter.

Peter VK3BFG


Dollar amounts are always welcome !

Connectors, P.A. blocks, Components, or anything you think could be utilised are happily accepted.


Thanks & Acknowledgements

A huge thanks to the following people who have donated their time and goods as listed. There are always people donating time or bits and pieces to keep the repeater functioning. A big thanks to everyone who has helped.

An even bigger thanks goes to Peter VK3BFG who does 99% of the physical construction and maintenance. The repeater is his baby and he takes good care of it.

VK3AOB Britt Time, Equipment
VK3AWG Phil Time, Equipment
VK3BCU Neil Time, Money, Equipment
VK3BFG Peter Time, Money, Equipment
VK3BK Peter UHF Amp
VK3GE Geoff Time, Money, Components
VK3JMA Mark Equipment
VK3TMS Jose Equipment
VK3KOS Rob Computer