REPEATER STATUS : Fully operational DIGITAL TV Output

Melbourne Amateur TV Group

Live Pictures from VK3RTV streamed via the BATC web site


Amateur Television (ATV) transmissions in Melbourne are mostly via the VK3RTV amateur television repeater on Mt Dandenong although a number of operators make simplex contacts on both 70cm, 23cm and 3cm. The ATV repeater is in operation 24 hrs a day and provides coverage of the greater Melbourne area.

The output of VK3RTV is a standard Digital TV signal on 446.500 MHz (Not all digital TV's or STB's can receive this frequency - Check the list of known good receivers on the Receiving ATV page and if you have a receiver that works that is not on the list please let us know at vk3rtv@hotmail.com. Currently VK3RTV1 shows the analogue input and and VK3RTV2 shows the digital input. If no one is being received on the alternate input then the colours bars will show on that alternate output.

Voice contact with other ATV'ers can be made on the ATV liaison frequency 147.400 MHz FM simplex, it is also a good idea to keep an ear out on this frequency when operating ATV. If unable to transmit on 147.400 MHz and require a picture to be put up on the repeater then drop a short note to the email below and I will see what can be arranged.

For more information email : vk3rtv@hotmail.com

Local time at VK3RTV